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Railroad Spike Cabinate Handle; Kitchen Cabinate, Cupord or Drawer Handle made from a Railroad Spike


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AMAZE YOUR GUESTS: Easily impress your guests with these sytlish, rustic, ready to install Railroad spike drawer handles. They will leave your guests truely impressed at your style!
GIVE YOUR KITCHEN THAT RUSTIC TOUCH: Take your kitchen from looking good to looking GREAT with these cabinate handles. They will leave you with the same functionality and an improved look!
MAKE YOUR BATHOOM CHARMING: Add some charm to your bathroom by adding these drawer handles to your cabinets. They’ll turn your bathroom into a cozy relaxing retreat from the world.
NEW AND IMPROVED PROCESS: These drawer pulls are made using my new and more efficient process, allowing me to offer you better drawer pulls at a better price!
DETAILS: The length between the studs for the screws can be specified in the personalization area. The standard distance is 96mm (3 3/4in) which is an industry standard, but I can make any distance for you up to 145mm (5 3/4 in). The handles are ready to install and include the mounting suplies with them. The screws are about 1.2 inches long. The handles are sandblasted and painted to eliminated rust. The product for sale is 1 handle and the mounting screws and spacers.
PAIR WITH OTHER PRODUCTS: Be sure to check out our Railroad spike drawer knobs which is the head of a spike used as a knob. Pair our drawer knobs together with these handles and revamp your whole kitchen!
BE THE WESTERN/RUSTIC STYLE CHAMP AMONG YOUR FRIENDS: These ready to install cupord handles will leave your friends impressed at your style, asking where they can get their own.
You will be able to move around your kitchen with the same ease as before, while enjoying yourself a little more because of the charming beauty that surrounds you!


Black (spray paint), Black (powder coat), Clear (powder coat), Clear (spray paint), Grey, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green


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