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Railroad Spike Hat Hook; Coat hook; Cowboy hat/coat hanger, Screws included


FARMOHOUSE DECORE: Vintage Railroad spike hat hooks made from a genuine, vintage Railroade Spike, and the mounting harware is included!
TRANSFORM YOUR ENTRYWAY into the charming first introduction to your house with these Rustic wall hooks. People will know from the moment they walk in your house they are going to be stunned by your decorative skills!
REVAMP YOUR BATHROOM: Add these hooks for a stylish way to get thoes towels up off the ground, great for holding bathroabs as well!
STAY ORGANIZED: Get you pile of backpacks out of the floor, no problem! A great way to hang your heavy pots and pans in the kitchen too!
HEAVY DUTY: You’ll never have to worry about what you put on them because they will hold most anything!
GREAT FOR DIY: add them to an old board to get that rugged hat rack/coat rack, you’ve always wanted.
GREAT FOR COWBOY HATS: The original desighn of these hooks is for cowboy hats and wow! they sure work for that, you have finnally found the hook that is as western as the very hat it holds!
RUSTIC LOOK: If you want your house to look rustic you’ve found your product add this to any room in the house and watch your visitors be amazed at your style and skills, while you are able to get your clutter up off the ground where is will stub your toe and break and organized on the wall. You’re Visitors will be happy, your kids will be happy, your stuff will be happy(not broken), and best of all you will be happy!!
P.S. your spouse will probably be happy too as women and men alike can enjoy the chic yet rustic style of these hooks.


Black, Steel(clear coat)


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